Friday Coffee, Saturday Showtime.

It’s almost Iowa time.

Let’s hang out at Blue State Friday to prejam before Saturday morning. We will be there for sure from 1-2P!

Weather forecast thus far:

Also, we found a cool place to go bowling for three dollars. They serve pop at the place too. I can’t wait for the midwestern lingo.
Update: We officially have a chaperone. Her name is Jackie and she’s a grad student in the School of Public Health. She enjoys sweet jams like Arcade Fire and only one of her thumbs are double jointed (cool fact man).

Also,”Iowa” Means “Beautiful Land” in Some Native American Languages. True story.


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Peace, love, and corn.

So we just now decided that we are going to be making some super exciting fantastically awesome stops. On the way to Des Moines we are going to stop at Niagara Falls. And on the way back stop at Chicago and SCRANTON (insert the office theme song). YEAH.

We are soooo excited to meet everyone who is coming on the trip! We are looking forward to making a facebook group for us to begin the lovefest in.

If any of you guys have suggestions just shoot us an email :)

We don’t know what else to say because our brainwaves are too excited at the moment.

Later gators.


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43 days till Spring Break!

Thanks for coming to the info fair!

If you still have questions or just want to say hi feel free to email us at, it’ll totally make our day.

But you should definitely come hang out with us tomorrow night at 8:30 in BU Central for the fantastic ASB fundraising concert, we don’t have to wait for the road trip to bond :) There is going to be singing, dancing, and $1/slice pizza!

Good luck on Sunday everybody!! We can’t wait to meet ‘yall! :D

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Goodbye Finals…

Hopefully you all are studying hard for finals!! We just wanted to say a last goodbye before everyone starts leaving for break. Hopefully your vacation is as awesome as this dude’s job:


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A few reasons to do ASB

1) The youth center we’re volunteering at in Iowa is such a big deal. It offers a wide range of services to homeless teenagers and really changes lives every single day. Check it out!

2) All of the ASB Co’s are meant to be. It’s December, wth, and I still can’t get over how meant to be all the co’s are for each other. DanaRay really know what they are doing. So, basically each trip just got a thousand times better.

3) You can make friends and change lives at the same time. Mmm mm m.

No but seriously, read more about the other trips or ask any of us!


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Depending on coffee to get you through finals?

Then you should go to Blue State Coffee in West Campus. It’s open from 7AM to Midnight. And they really know they’re coffee, you’ll never want Starbucks again. Not only do they practice sustainability but they donate 5% of their income to non-profits. ASB has the change to receive these donations, so you should request us when you go.


Go to BSC and suggest BUASB! Plus they love Costa Rica, I’m Costa Rican so we’re more than friends if you know what I mean.

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Come be our friends!

We went to ASB Space!

I love how awkward we are. But you love it. Come chat with us during our office hours on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30! Fiesta.

Things we are working on right now: How wordpress works, it’s like a boy. Playlists for the roadtrip. And contacting our site and creeping on other ASB blogs.

Song of the week:

Friend ASB on Facebook too.

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